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Kreatures and Kreeps is a formally trained artist that is constantly pushing the boundaries of her training and talent. She graduated from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had a residency at The Slade in London, and since then she has exhibited and sold her art at several shows. She is well versed in many mediums and particularly utilizes pens, gouache, oils, printmaking, and spray paint to express her artistic visions. Spray paint has been the medium of choice lately, and her large scale work on concrete and wood canvases has been attracting a lot of attention. What her main focus is the human face, producing zombie-like creatures that express a multitude of emotions, from dead pompadoured greasers brandishing punk rock sneers on giant spray painted boards, to hot rockabilly girls expressing despair and longing. What comes across in her art are original interpretations of her many eclectic influences, giving a new visual representation to such things as rockabilly and gory horror movies. She is fortunate to have the freedom to create whatever her inspiration dictates, but she has also had successful collaborations with clients who have requested specific works from her, and she is always interested in new challenges and demanding projects where her talents can shine.
My Work is inspired by
Horror, rockabilly, psychobilly, greasers, punks and kustom kulture.
My Prefered Medium is
I am interested in art that is
Dark and unique.
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